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April 2024

An escape to paradise: This Goan home by Kirti Dodeja is a canvas to everything bright

In Goa, a home where the gentle sea breeze carries the scent of salt and adventure awaits. Just where the azure sky meets the emerald sea lies a sanctuary.


March 2024

Announcing the winners of hansgrohe presents GoodHomes Awards 2024

The unveiling of the hansgrohe presents GoodHomes Awards 2024 brought together a stellar gathering of seasoned talents in residential design from various corners of the country.


Feb 2024

The nuances of blending European and local design


March 2024

A Goa Home with rooms inspired by Alcoholic drinks, Intoxicating Design | Kirti Dodeja

It captures the feelings of different alcoholic drinks ad brings them to life in carefully designed rooms.

surface_european dreams.png

Oct 2023

An intellectually elegant environment

Minimalism and natural light for the interior project designed by Indian designer Kirti Dodeja.

(An article by the Italian Magazine in Milan)


June-July 2022

Women who are Influencing Design

Presenting 12 uber-talented women who are effecting remarkable changes on the Indian design scene with their unapologetic and innovative approaches


Feb 2022

The Noida house, despite respecting the spirit of the place, could very well be "adopted" by an Italian client, so cosmopolitan is this approach to the refurbishment of the interiors.


April 2022

Two 3-BHK Apartments And A Terrace Are Combined To Create This Airy, Sun-Lit Abode In Greater Noida | Kirti Dodeja

... This is the case with this home in Greater Noida where the client was living on the first floor and had recently acquired the apartment above.


Sept 2020


Staying indoors has emerged as the new way of living and we are beginning to realise the importance of the spaces we inhabit and its influence on our psychological wellbeing.

india today.jpg

March 2024

The Red Carpet Highlights From Hansgrohe Presents GoodHomes Awards 2024

GoodHomes, a proponent of inclusivity, showcases designs by both emerging and established designers, making it a platform that nurtures new talent while offering readers a diverse array of projects. 


Jan 2024

European Dreams

Kirti Dodeja designs a four-bedroom holiday home in Goa that blends the sophistication of European lifestyle with a tranquil allure


Dec 2023

-In Focus-

The Minimalist

" I would describe it in one word, ' effortless'. The beauty in this one is, you don't really see the amount of work done to achieve such seamless space and I believe that is a job well done as a team of the designer; the client and contractors." Says Kirti.


Nov 2022

Kirti Dodeja designs Palatial office spaces at The City Palace in Udaipur

Not many get to witness the ways of Rajasthani royalty.


Jan 2022

A duplex in Greater Noida that gets ‘warm minimalism’ right

Kirti Dodeja created a family home that is clean-lined and uncluttered without being unwelcoming


March 2022


modern Scandinavian theme dominates this plush, yet simple duplex apartment


Feb 2022

This minimalist duplex exemplifies Nordic charm

Kirti Dodeja overhauls two formerly individual apartments into a spacious duplex apartment in Greater Noida that perfectly embodies an earthy, elegant and uncluttered aesthetic.

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